Our Story

Casa Bosques Chocolate is founded on the exploration of the history, methods, origins, & culture of chocolate.
From tree to bar, Casa Bosques crafts chocolate with the same care as the farmers tending and harvesting each heirloom bean. We source from small ranches throughout Mexico and Latin America, primarily from one single smallholder ranch in the southern region of Pichucalco, Chiapas, Mexico, allowing close involvement every step of the way.
Our chocolate begins with just two ingredients: Heirloom cacao beans and organic cane sugar.
By using these two ethically sourced ingredients as a canvas, the tones and nuances in each individual blend are generously highlighted.
We never add emulsifiers, artificial flavorings, or preservatives.
Blue corn, leaves, malt, sesame paste, roses, ants, preserved lemon, ingredients from the local Japanese market, a nut from India, chocolates as an edible sculpture, shaped into a bar of soap.
The ingredients are poetic, wonderful, and endless. We pay no heed to the convention, but every attention to craftsmanship & the creative power of imagination. 
Each bite becomes the seduction of a moment, the joy of a journey, a delicate treat, and a moment to share.
Craftsmanship and artistry are revered at Casa Bosques, embodying an in-house tradition of artistic independence, where lead creatives from Savvy Studio in Mexico City and New York develop chocolate-inspired ideas with collaborating artists.
Chocolate is a medium of creativity and storytelling that constantly evolves, thanks to new experimental combinations & artistic collaborations.With every detail considered, the Casa Bosques experience is distinct.
Each artist's edition is an edible work.
Casa Bosques Chocolate is a project by Rafael Prieto, founder and creative director of Savvy Studio, a Mexico City & NYC based design practice.